Reinspired : Back to blogging

 I started this blog as a medium to document occupational therapy practices across India; which was received with great support from my OT friends and OT’s across India. In the past one year my life role changed from a student cum part time professional to a full time professional with crazy working hours. The crazy working hours, all the interesting work around me and my ever growing list of occupations (photography, dancing, crafts, baking, food shopping and the list goes on) had somewhere shifted my focus from the blog. and i feel it was a well deserved break for me to get re inspired to start writing again. 

Since last one year as a pediatric occupational therapist I have noticed the wide difference in the practice and service delivery models across India. Each model of service is grealty influenced by the individual OT’s skills, personality and MOTIVES ;P and many other factors. Learning about the different delivery models is a great learning experience for me and on few occasions have been disastrous. I will be blogging about these different models in the following blogs. Looking forwards to have a discussions, questions, debates and feedback .



Change from the subject above:

I came across this very interesting book for ot’s working with kids: Reminds me of

my childhood days.