OT Tour in South India

by let's OT

From the shore temples at Mahabalipuram

to the Chinese fishing nets at Cochin,

travel through the southern states of Tamil

Nadu, Karnataka and Kerala and see how

communities deal with healthcare and take

a fresh look at Indian culture and society.

Along the way, you will have ample time to

enjoy the cultural treasures and stunning

natural beauty of South India. Professional

visits range from Vidya Sagar, Mobility

India, CMC Vellore and the Nagarjuna

Ayurvedic Hospital to the Mysore Speech and

Language Centre, the Kaligiri leprosarium

and a village clinic.


         Sounds intresting ….. thts the introduction of Jon Baine’s Occupational Therapy in South India Tour. While surfing the net I came across the Jon Baines tour website which specialises in organising culutral and medical tour. Occupational Therapy in South India is one such medical tour which gives an insight into low tech solutions, improved disability rights and strong community networks are overcoming traditions of fatalism and caste prejudice surrounding disability in South India.


The tour is headed by Marilyn Pattison, an occupational therapist who is involved in many avtivities of the Australian OT association and is presently the executive director of the World Federation of Occupational Therapist (WFOT). 


One of the groups outside the Vidya Sagar in 2010.



Here’s the link to Jon Baines Official Website page :-