Travelling a less walked path, Sanchit Sharma: Unplugged.

by let's OT

The Young India Fellowship is a year long fully funded residential programme that seeks to turn the brightest 57 graduates from across the country into the leaders of tommorow. And one of them is a young dynamic occupational therapy graduate Sanchit Sharma. A student of the prestigious Occupational Therapy school at T.N.Medical College & Nair hospital choose to walk a less explored path by an OT graduate.he broke the monotonus options of doing a post graduate in India or abroad and participated in the selection process of the Yound india fellowship 2011-12.

Presently Sanchit has completed his Fellowship with YIF and has got selected into Indicorp’s Sahara project as a Indicorp Fellow. It’s a CBR project based in the rural district of Koraput, Orissa to address the specific needs of the differently abled.


  1. Firstly, a heartiest congratulations for getting selected for the The Young India Fellowship programme’11.

                 I am thankful to you for your wishes as that matters the most to me .

 2. Sanchit, how does it feel to be one of the 58 young exceptional graduate selected through a rigorous process all across India for the fellowship.

….Ravi bhai, it feels nice to be a one among the 58 young graduates across the same time…i feel that a prestigious programme like Young India Fellowship makes me get close to my core values of being human by exposing me to a diverse bunch of classes and interesting field visits.


3. What is the Secret Ingredient for your selection process?

….this is not a mystery like a Bermuda triangle thing which is the vital ingredient for the selection process is that “I was myself” during the entire selection process and I still I am myself.

4. How is the training process going ?

…..this is difficult to answer as the training process..which i would like to re frame that my ‘learning’ in this process is beyond words as it is experiential.i learn, share and spread new things learnt here on  a daily basis. The YIF programme is in it’s 4 month now and I have enjoyed classes, guest lectures , interviews, parties and field visits till now. We started our classes with subjects like Sociological Reasoning, Foundations of Leadership, Creative writing, Statistics, Gandhiji, Makers of Modern India, Plato’s Republic, Media, Culture and Globalization, Art Appreciation. I am in love with them and I am looking forward for the next terms.


5. What made you to apply for the fellowship ?

..I lack the financial resources to apply in the US/UK for higher education and I lack the interest to pursue my post graduation in Occupational Therapy in any Indian university because I don’t see myself studying OT for 3 more years in India…so I applied to the young india fellowship programme.


6. Sanchit, i read in an interview you gave to a magazine where you mentioned about your dream….can you tell us more on that ?

..I stated in my interview that ‘ I wish to open a chain of child development centres for specially abled kids across India” . It will be like a one stop shop for parents wherein services for their children will be available under one roof at reasonable rates.

For this, I take the opportunity of a prestigious programme like this wherein I share the knowledge from a gifted profession called ‘Occupational Therapy’, so that when my co-fellows go back, they will know at least something about OT.I guess this is a easy way of promoting Occupational Therapy at pan India level.

I would be glad to incorporate all my OT friends who go abroad for their studies to share their experiences with OTs working/learning and studying here in their motherland, so that exchange of global knowledge happens at a local level.

This dream need the co-operation of the entire Occupational Therapy family from India , so that OT can be made as a brand and spreads it wings across India. I envision that our profession which is 60 years old in India needs to receive its due, for which I request all OTs to shed their inhibitions and make our profession a gift to everyone who is in need of the same.


Complete the phrase : 

     Let’s OT because it enables fun into FUN-ctional.


All the best Sanchit for all the great work your doing and your future endeavors…you surely are the NEXT BIG THING ….

If you want to have a chat with Sanchit regarding YIF or the Indicorps programme you can contact him on his email id :-

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Photos credits: Garima Rana.