DEMENTIA : on a rise in India

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     Delhi will see a mammoth 226% increase in dementia cases among those aged 60 and above by 2026 as compared to 2006, while Maharashtra will see a 112% increase. Jharkhand will see the highest percentage increase in dementia patients during the same period at 262%.


     According to Union health ministry’s projections released on Friday, Bihar will see a 221% increase, followed by Assam (183%), Chhattisgarh (180%) and UP (177%).Rajasthan is projected to see a 176% increase in dementia numbers among those aged 60 years and above, while Madhya Pradesh is expected to see a 163% increase, Gujarat (159%), J&K (158%), West Bengal (154%), Karnataka (142%) and Tamil Nadu (110%) in 20 years. Kerala, however will see the least increase among all states at 87%, followed by Punjab (93%) and Himachal Pradesh (94%).

      Health minister Ghulam Nabi Azad said, “It is estimated that India’s elderly population will increase from 7.5% in 2001 to almost 12% in 20 years.” Dementia is a brain disorder that affects memory, thinking, language, behaviour and ability to perform everyday activities.

      The World Health Organization recently warned that India, which is experiencing an ageing population, will face serious problems in tackling the disease. It is one of the major causes of disability at an advanced age. It accounts for 11.9% of the years lived with disability due to a non-communicable disease and the leading cause of dependency (need for care) and disability among older persons.

     The WHO report said, “The Government of India has begun to realize the extent of the situation and the need to establish dementia-sensitive services. The next few years will see the establishment of the National Institute of Ageing, and special provisions for people with dementia in the National Policy for Older People and the National Mental Health Programme.”

WHO said nearly 3.7 million people in India are suffering from dementia. 



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