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Concise Exercise Therapy- A comprehensive textbook for physiotherapist and occupational therapist by Dr.Kamal Arya (Occupational Therapist) and Dr.Roshan Meena (Physiotherapist)



A review of the book was published in the Indian Journal of Physiotherapy and Occupational therapy by the editor of the journal :-

This book contains all aspects of exercise therapy which is used by physiotherapists and occupational therapists in the treatment of patients with musculoskeltal disorders, neurological disorders, sports injuries, pediatric and geriatric ailments and cardiovascular diseases.

Importance of exercise therapy is highlighted in this book as nowadays therapists are relying more on electrotherapy. The book has two sections. First section covers the basic concepts of exercise therapy and other covers the applications of basic concept and advanced therapeutic approaches. The book is well written with lot of photographs and diagrams. The language of the book is simple and easy to follow. The printing of the book is quite good. The price is also reasonable. In short, a good book for physiotherapists and occupational therapists by well qualified authors.


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