Who am I ? — by Shriharsh Jahagirdar

by let's OT

Every first ray of sun that falls

Arouses a new beginning, a new journey heralds

A new strength and hope to move

Move ahead in life and need to prove.


With a twinkle in eye and ability in arms,

A quest to do something, to be something that charms

With never ending scope but horizons so near


One finds it a challenge to stand out, out of the lot

A dying desire to be an agent of reform

To be on top and see the worlds transform.


Even I desired, I dared

I dreamt to be a force to change.

To make my very existence worth

I choose a path which a very few have traversed



At one end its art and the other science.

I salute those who use science….and those who use arts

I chose best of both…for being guides of my life’s path


I adore the way stone gets its soul

The way the clay takes the form a bowl

I wonder how a lump of gold is beautified to an ornament….

A bundle of thread is woven to a garment

It is fascinating to see how a body is put to harmony

And to hear how rhymes are set to symphony

How the strokes of color speak language of the heart

This is how life’s expression is portrayed through art.


The science so exciting to see how humans develop

How the nerves and tissues lies under the skins envelope

How our organs and brain work in cooperation

And then how we all learn through exploration

I see those who built those sky touching towers

Those huge machines that have immense powers

Admired   who built those bridges which connect two places

Those satellites which revolve around spaces

I am thrilled to see the road spread far and widely

And our lives rushing on them so speedily

Those mix of numbers which make some logic

Looking at those creations it feels like a magic


I wonder how I am different from them

Though a way apart, still I connect and feel the same

The pride that they have of being a man of content, satisfaction and fame




I oath to build someone’s future

Empowered myself to bridge the gap between nature and nurture

I aspire to spread the broad smiles

That will help them thrive for miles

I am determined to share hardships and sorrows

To guide them to the better tomorrow

To show them a new light

To be a part of the life’s flight

May it be an advent of a storm in life or any stressful event

I shall put my entire task together and them I prevent



I can motivate a soul to be something

Using tools, equipments which have some meaning

I can mould the body to stand

Give a supplement to hold a pen in hand

I can teach a weak and disturbed to cope

And begin this journey with a new hope

At the other end, when I see the leaves shedding from life’s tree

I teach them to set their souls free.


I lay my goals so clear

to alleviate them from all their fears

I break the boundaries of the spheres

Reuniting them with their near and peers

It is more than what I earn

To help and learn is what I yearn


Imbibing the knowledge from science

And from arts its creativity

I belong to a field called “Occupational Therapy”

Simplicity, hard work and sincerity is my definition

To work for independence not for just one but for all

Is my dedication!



—- Shriharsh Jahagirdar ,


Dept of Occupational Therapy,

Seth.G.S.Medical College & K.E.M.H.

Mumbai, India.


( Who am I ? is made into a movie which was presented at EMCON ’10 at Ahmadabad, India)