Desi Books by Desi Authors.

Desi Books By Desi Authors.


One of the major contributions towards ‘THE CHANGE’ in the development of our profession in our country is contribution to its literature. Since last few months there have been quite a few occupational therapy books written by Indian authors which got published.  I have read five of them and each one of them touches on a different aspect of our profession.

I have listed the books with links below them. These links are directed to, which is great way to buy books. You get the books home delivered and you can pay by  cash on your doorstep. No need of credit cards J.

And the best part is you get a cool flipkart BOOKMARK. J


Introduction To Occupational Therapy And Occupational Therapy Marketing





Occupational Therapy And Rehabilitation, 2006


Veena Salaich–&_r=RFpHghzeHcLAkR_x0Gfmfw–&ref=a8a58847-574f-44d5-8468-aca9bc4e16f7&pid=6v23f95ojn


Intellectual Property Of Occupational Therapy


Hemant Nandgaonkar–&_r=BlYdkcfw4z_KGEd8whnzOg–&ref=83f1bf64-59be-44fc-87a7-bd1482da860c&pid=jt33f9uc4z


MCQ’s In Biomechanics And Occupational Therapy In Orthopedic Conditions


Punita V Solanki–&_r=F0aisqRMJ%20h82yoNdvNWXA–&ref=838b16ea-5f8e-4a52-a426-696a767a31a0&pid=os33f9mqnf


Guide To Exercises For Hemophiliacs


Jayashri S Kale–&_r=%20MjZIyMzK4VOwLIE2N%20jFw–&ref=e3348e51-30c5-42f4-b4e1-457442cbd90e&pid=bw23frkuld


Basics In Occupational Therapy And Therapeutic Activities,2008


Neelima Punithan–&_r=BlYdkcfw4z_KGEd8whnzOg–&ref=85683f53-0cea-44f9-912c-f8db287f016b&pid=aw23fflcyc


Early Management Of Cerebral Palsy Including Children With Developmental Delays



Do give a feedback on the books or mail the authors about their books…it provides them inspiration to keep writing….