Excerpts from Dr Shovan Saha’s workshop….

by let's OT

A seminar which was completely based on the beliefs of Occupational Therapy. Dr. Shovan Saha’s workshop on ‘Hand Rehablitation at Neurogen, chembur (Mumbai) was filled with great information about things which we avoid or brush under the carpet due to the confusion. From understanding the intricacies of psychosocial aspects, tightness and stiffness, his expertise in the field of Assistive technology (which I don’t think anyone in India can beat him in), going into the depths of the ‘key words’ within a definition and the various case examples from his personal experience was a great learning experience for a young therapist like me.



The array of photographs of his work in the field of Assistive Technology since the year 1992 is inspirational. The change that these devices brought in the perception of self of these individuals was expressed by Sir from various interactions he had with these patients.


PS :- He is a role model that many of the students across India need.