The Beginning of a Movement : POTSAM

by let's OT

A group of determined students , lacking funds & support but filled with enthusiasm and a ‘never say die’ attitude , are trying to put forwards their best efforts to bring a rightly deserved  change in the scenario of occupational and physiotherapy students in Maharashtra and India.

The present committee t the first GB meeting.


With the Maharashtra University of Health Sciences bringing up the PMR course , wherein their Job profile has been documented as to supervise the physiotherapy and the occupational therapist, other issues like ; the inclusion of the Occupational therapy and Physiotherapy professionals working under the Brihan Mumbai Municipal Corporation in the Class 3 (which includes Lab technicians)……..and a stipend of mere 5000Rs to the freshly admitted Postgraduate students with an increment of 500Rs every year….issues which challenge the very existence of a profession.


POTSAM (Physio Occupational Therapy Students Association of Mumbai) a student body needs your support and guidance. Kindly join them in fighting for the pride of your profession. Each one of you counts.


You  and ask your friends to join them on their  Facebook community (the link is here)