Happykiddie : Desi Occupational therapy Blog

by let's OT

More than 9years of working in the field of Neurorehablitation,a teacher with a completely practical approach, Dr.Moushami Kadkol, presently Assistant professor at the OT School and Centre, Seth.G.S.Medical College . I have learnt my very first basics of neurorehab from maam.  Very recently she went on to learn Ayer’s Sensory Integration at the prestigious Paediatric Therapy Network,USA, as she was very keen to understand the process and application of sensory integration theory.

A few days back, i came across Dr.Kadkol’s Blog ‘HAPPYKIDDIE’ , where she shares her experiences and queries on  theories and practicalities of Sensory Integration.

http://happykiddie.blogspot.com/2010/06/introduction.html…..thts the link to the blog…..



PS :- yesterday while discussing about the blog with Maam, it was very interesting to know that how she manages time to update the blog with her One and half year old Happy Kiddie pulling off the keys from her laptop…:)