OT : A global health career

by let's OT

‘Occupational Therapy: – A Global Health Career’….that’s what’s the tagline for the poster which

The Mumbai Branch of AIOTA launched today.

It’s comprehensively designed to fit in all the details needed by any student deciding his future.

Eligibility criteria, colleges with their departments contact numbers, the various areas of practise, the salary scale, and the part I liked ‘characteristics of our profession’ are projected in the poster.

You can distribute the posters in colleges and coaching classes. You can contact the Mumbai branch of AIOTA on the following email id bombr_aiota@yahoo.com or visit their website http://www.mbaiota.com/.

PS :- As a member of the Mumbai Branch of AIOTA , its very saddening to see only students and some staff members of the OT schools attending the MBAIOTA lectures….its demotivating for the committiee members organising the lectures for bringing OTist across Mumbai together…….