CREDO : I Believe…..

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CREDO : I Believe

Following the previous blog which was dedicated to the Father of Occupational Therapy ‘Dr William Rush Dunton’ , this blog is based on the believes of Dr. Dunton about Occupation.

  • ‘Credo’ is Latin for ‘I Believe’….In his book ‘Reconstruction Therapy’ , Dr Dunton has written a set of statements called as the ‘CREDO’ which depict his belief about Occupation.

These statements served as guiding principles for the profession and they are still meaningful for the profession.

The First Credo 

That occupation is as necessary to life as food and drink.

The Second Credo 

That every human being should have both physical and mental occupation.

The Third Credo

That all should have an occupation which they enjoy or hobbies. These are the more necessary when the vocation is dull or distasteful.

Every individual should have at least two hobbies, one outdoor and one indoor. A greater number will create wider interests, a broader intelligence.

The Fourth Credo 

That sick minds, sick bodies, sick souls may be healed through occupations.

All individuals have different occupations but down the line we all share a common belief.. …and if that is so than Occupational Therapy is for one and all…..