AMIT KOCHHAR : Unplugged

by let's OT

“Hello all,
I am an Occupational Therapy student(yes a bit passionate bout my profession but i love it in this way only). sketching is my fav pastime(my geriatric profession), listening soft, touchy, classical and Sufi songs is something i cant live without, and yes, the most important thing, “potato”…without it my life(more precisely my food) is incomplete….(who care if taste brings you some flaps… lolzz).
now this is what i am….”

Thts what Amit Kochhar’s Face book profile says…and yes truly he ispassionate about occupational therapy.                  

Amit Kochhar, a fourth year student of Occupational therapy at IPH, Delhi and also the Executive member and the newly elected president of the Association of Occupational Therapy Students (AOTS).

Yes guys, I know most of us were unaware of the existence of this association and its ongoing work.

With the objective of uniting occupational therapy students across the country, AOTS is an exclusive association formed in 2008, registered under the Societies registration act, for the occupational therapy students of India.

I came across AOTS on its Facebook page and then met Amit who explained me about the functioning of the association.  Thus requested Amit to do an email interview for the blog so that students and professional across the nation can join in hands with the working of AOTS. His prompt reply was “Yes of course, anything for the profession”….and replied back to my questions within no time…..

  1. Firstly congrats for getting elected as the President of the AOTS…
Thanks Raviraj but on paper i am still a member (not President). and our president is Miss Pranaita Gusain, the founder member of AOTS.
  1. What are the plans of the association for the present year?
For our new sessions we have planned these goals:
* utilization of the Occupational Therapy month and OT day to spread awareness amongst, schools, medical sector and government 

* to reach to the students of OT from different part of the nation to build a strong and nationalized student body

* OTHM-2011(Occupational Therapy Health Mela-2011)


* nationalized school awareness programs.. Etc.


3. How and when AOTS was was formed?

Hmm about AOTS, it was the answer to a person according to whom we OT people can’t initiate any campaign and used to indulge ourselves in “their” campaigns for OT welfare. The answer was given by our present president Miss Pranaita Gusain and some OT students by forming this Association in 2008.


4.  What do you think are the reasons that the AOTS is lacking support?

Its the way of approaching and lack of interest in OT students… if they are interested its only momentary…. i don’t want to blame them for this so I would say may be our way of communication could be a bit batter. But for sure lack of professional support is also a big cause of this… as well as we are lacking links of OT students from different parts of India. May be this year will bring great changes in the scenario of AOTS.


5. Being a national student association, how does the association plan to reach to the students across the nation.

See for this we are trying to search people from different OT colleges. And after official elections on papers we are planning to send some official leaflets to the different OT colleges across the nation. Lets see how it will work. And also we have recently made a website ( and facebook page ( so that students across the nation could join us as conveniently as possible.
6.  Hope you get all the support and wishing you all the best for the great work the association is doing.

Thanks Raviraj. all the best for your blog.

AOTS has been conducting workshops, awareness campaigns in schools and Occupational therapy health mela. I highly recommend you to go through the following links to witness the work of the association and be a part of it…

you can contact AMIT KOCHHAR on his facebook page and Join the AOTS fan page to show your support


Kindly give your feedback…..