Desi Occupational Therapy Blogs….

by let's OT

On my search for occupational therapy blogs by Indian bloggers writing about the Indian context of occupational therapy, I came across only three blogs but they all were interesting reads each with a unique quality to it.

The first blog is like a huge database of various occupational therapy related links, professional and research opportunities across India and abroad.

OCCUPATIONAL THERAPY UPDATE BLOG a single click search 4 world of Occupational Therapy.

With a follower count of 116 (which is a big number according to the Indian blogging scenario) the blogger Dr.Koushik Sau, Lecturer, Dept of Occupational therapy, Manipal College of allied health sciences, updates the blog regularly with current news. This Blog Is For Occupational Therapy Professional. You can find in this blog Case Discussion, Photograph of different equipment, Job announcement for Occupational Therapy in India and worldwide, CME, Workshop, Conference or event, Book release, review, awards receiving news, New Treatment Technique develop by Occupational Therapy student or faculty and individual practitioner etc.

Its really an informative site for the upcoming occupational therapist, it also helps us OT who are out of country to keep in touch about the activities and advances going on in field of occupational therapy .keep it up’ thts what one of the visitor to the next blog commented.

This is the blog by Mumbai Branch of AIOTA mainly managed by Dr.Alok Patil, (EC Member and one of the coolest senior I had). The blog is unique with its updates on the occupational therapy scenario in Mumbai with regular updates of lectures across Mumbai. The blog also invites guest bloggers to submit articles on various issues related to the profession.

  • Interesting articles by Dr.Amol Sangekar on frozen shoulder and neck pain, his area of expertise;,

  • An informative case study on a spine case by Dr.Yogita Chhawchhria and many more.

The third blogger is an inspiration to all of us with penning down two books and three  publications and managing a full time carrier as an assistant professor at OT School & Centre, Seth.G.S Medical College, Mumbai, she manages to write a blog about her experiences as an occupational therapist.

Dr.Punita Solanki shares “Our approach is enough at times to care and cure them. We are here to treat patients as a whole; as human and not a case of one system of the body…….!” in her blog ‘Our patients need a human touch’ about a personal experience managing a case of stroke.

Ever heard a dialogue between a mother and a fetus in the womb diagnosed with CTEV…NO!!!….then u must read the blog by Dr.Punita. A creative attempt by her to create awareness about management of CTEV.

The blog also shares link to her books and her publications.

I have been following these blogs for sometime now. But there is a need for more occupational therapist across the country to share their experiences as a student, clinician, teacher or a researcher. Blogging has become a strong informative tool and it can become a medium to promote occupational therapy in India.

So keep blogging…….